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Happy Birthday Iko! :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 8 3 Elgiza :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 4 0 Sassy Hipster Luke :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 7 6 Group Photo (complete sketch) :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 17 21 Group Photo (WIP) :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 13 22 When u think u did an art :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 15 24 Luke doodles :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 6 5 Mimikyu (Stream Request) :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 7 10 Happpy Belated Birthday :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 6 8 Splatoon Doodle (Updated) :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 6 2 A Work in Progress Doodle :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 2 2 Happy Birthday to a Special Nerd :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 6 5 Lucio (WIP) :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 5 4 Kiwi (Tablet Practice) :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 4 6 Kiwi / Dual Splattershots (Pose and depth practice :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 5 1 Kiwi Doodles :iconmegalucario225:MegaLucario225 5 6


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Happy Birthday Iko!
A birthday drawing for :iconillegalkoopas:, sorry this was a bit late ;u;. I hope you had an awesome birthday friend!

This is an early B - Day gift for teckworks that i drew up. I felt like i had to give back a little to an artist that i have looked up to ever since i started drawing. I'm not the best at anatomy (let alone female anatomy) But i gave it my best shot. Happy Birthday Teck, hope you have an awesome Birthday that's comming soon!
oh man i can't remember the last time i did these

Tagged by :iconillegalkoopas:

1. Favourite movie(s)? 

None in particular, but i'd probably have to say Meet the Robinsons

2. Character you relate to most? 

Steven from Steven Universe from what i can think of

3. Any OCs? Who are your favorites? 

I have 2 OC's,  a sonic one named Shaden who kinda faded into obscurity and my Koopa Luke, who is my current fav

4. Favorite song at the moment? 

This one

5. First fandom? 


6. A turn-off? 

Dnt call me Daddy, i hate it

7. What do you feel best wearing? 

Just some Jeans and a tee is fine with me

8. Subject you're best at? 

probably music and design principles

9. Cutest fictional character? 

Gnar from League of Legends

10. Tell me your favourite of my art pieces, why? 

My favorite pieces of yours are your Koopasonas because of all the time and effort you put into them, they are very well done and are very cute!

11. What do you consider me as? 

I'd say a good friend ^^

12. How tall are you? 

5'6" or 5'7" i can't remember lol

13. Birth year? 

November 1996, a Sagitarius

My questions:

What's Your favorite game?

What's your favorite thing to do to pass time?

Favorite T.V show?

Do you like to socialize?

What is your fav art style?

Favorite fictional character?

Traditional or digital?

Humans or anthros?

Favorite gaming platform?

What did u just eat?

Only child?

Are we friends?

I tag whoever wants to do this i suppose
Happy New Year everyone!!!
Sassy Hipster Luke
He thought id be a good idea to try on reading glasses. Now he's a sassafrass


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Thanks for the :+fav:s!!! :dummy: :dummy: :hug: :tighthug:
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you're welcome, you art is fantastic!
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Thank you for the watch and helping my profile grow! I really appreciate it!
I hope you'll continue enjoy and support my art! <3
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